Posted: March 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Handwriting, like giving change, is probably becoming a lost art. There was an article some time age called The multitasking generation. This article was a great article, along with Turn it off kids! to bring people to a relization about how much we, (kids and adults) rely on technology. Just about a week ago I went into a gas station to buy some water. I got it and went up the the counter. The attendant then proceeded to attempt to count my coins that I had brought. He had a very hard time, resulting in just taking what I told him was the price and then me leaving, with a smile and a laugh later on. Later my Dad said that people used to be able to count change ! like that. Not anymore. That’s just like handwriting. In another article called Don’t fear the digital by STEVEN JOHNSON, he said “A penmanship expert would look at that sorry trend and say, “What a disaster! The adoption of the personal computer has led to a marked deterioration of an important communication skill.” But that assessment would be meaningless without factoring in all the benefits I’ve enjoyed from switching to the keyboard. Not only can I put words together at 10 times the speed of using pen and paper, but I can also transfer those words to the digital realm, where they can be edited, spell-checked, e-mailed, quoted, blogged and Googled.” this is probably true with most people today. If you can either painstakingly write so that other people can read it or speedily type and spell check your words all at once, which would you choose? now if I had the Fly pentop computer then that would bedifferent. Then I wouldn’t need to be at my computer to record my thoughts for a blog, I could write them down then later sending them to my PC. Ahh, technology, it’s two sided. Great and bad at the same time.


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