Remote Assistance vs Remote Desktop?

Posted: March 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Remote Desktop let’s you connect to a computer and have total control over that computer as long as you have the computer’s password. Remote Assistance is where you can get control of a computer but someone has to be on both ends, whereas in Remote Desktop your the only one that needs to be a t a computer. Also in Remote Assistance, along with someone having to let you see said computer someone also has to let you have control, not with Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop is a good option but you “can’t” get it in XP home, or at least that’s what most think. That’s not true though. You can download third-party widgets that will let you use Remote Desktop via Yahoo! widgets or you can go to this website. This website will tell you how to make XP Home think it’s XP Pro. This is pretty complicated though. I wouldn’t recommend it, just download something with a good review from Yahoo! Widgets.

  1. […] how it’s different than Remote Assistance then ignore the next sentence. If you read my post Remote Assistance vs Remote Desktop You’ll know what the two are. But anyway. I saw the feature and I remembered that the Remote […]

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