Software woes.

Posted: May 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

Software woes is kinda a lame name but anyway.

I’ve been trying to open a .odt file for the last twenty minutes. I thought it would open in OpenOffice, (Which it does) but I didn’t want to download OpenOffice so I went to try out Gmail and see if I could email the file to my Gmail account and “preview” it there. Well that didn’t work because I can’t forward files. So now I went to Google Docs and see if it would open there. I logged onto Google Docs and, after about two minutes, the page opened, the Upload button wouldn’t work. None on the actual Google Docs buttons would work, only the links which would take me away from Google Docs would work. So now I’m downloading OpenOffice.

I have been working on collaborating with Daniel, the author of Tech From The Kid, or Tech through the eyes of a 13 year old. He has AIM, I don’t. I have Windows Live Messenger. So I went and downloaded IMTiger. IMTiger is SUPPOSED to make Windows Live Messenger able to chat with Windows Live messenger contacts and vise-versa. Yep. It didn’t work. Actually, when I had IMTiger installed on my PC I couldn’t even run Windows Live messenger. So that was an experience. Well in the course of my problems with IMTiger I updated my Windows Live Messenger and got Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live mail. Windows Live mail is a program like Outlook that runs on my PC, exactly like outlook but it has this difference. It looks like I’m running it on Vista. And the same with Windows Live Photo Gallery. It looks like I’m running them on Vista. Not all new software is looking like your running it on Vista but the new Microsoft programs are.


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