IE8 Review.

Posted: June 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

I just downloaded IE8 Beta 1 (I thought there was a beta 2 but I guess not), and, well, I don’t see any cosmetic changes, maybe in the inner wirkings but it would have been nice to see some cosmetic changes. But anyway. When I started IE8, after about 30 minutes to download the new version and restart the computer. Well it seems that Microsoft has added Add-ons to IE8. When I opened IE8 it asked if I wanted to import my settings and bookmaks, “fovorites” from another broswer. I said yes and nothing chnaged. You can’t have live feeds in IE. The top bar is way too big. It has these bigger than tuimbnail size buttons, UNDER the address bar and the rest of the function bar(s). And it looked like I was running Win 98 with software from Vista, I.E, The software didn’t look good, it looke like a bad attemp to look modern. If you run IE8 (7 also) you might have thougth that IE takes WAY to long to start up. Well it is slow. And by the way, while I was getting a picture of IE7 to compare with a picture of IE8, which I just took, IE8 crashed. Welcome back Firefox IE! IE still hase the annoying look. If you have Mocrosoft Office 2007 you will have probably noticed that the main screen in any Office app is great looking but once you dig down to get to some of the other feature, or just drag a toolbar onto the screen, you’ll notice that it has this Win 98 look to the toolbar you just dragged on to the screen. More later!


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