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Today Firefox 3 was released! (“woo-hoo, yay”) Yeah, not really. I really like Firefox and all but I think that there was way too much hype about this release. Not that the improvements from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 aren’t totally awesome and better than anything IE has ever come up with, I’m talking about this: I have noticed tons of improvements from Firefox 3 Beta 1, which is normal, but from the final release, RC 2, I haven’t noticed any difference from the RC 2 and the full version, Firefox 3. I guess I don’t really know where I’m going with this post, I guess I think sometimes there’s way too much hype about a lot of things. For instance, whats so great about Windows 7? It’s just a touch-screen, and personally I don’t want greasy fingerprints all over my screen. Like John C Dvorak said in a recent episode of Cranky Geeks,

“They didn’t demo Windows 7 at the D conference, the demoed the Tough-screen..”

And that makes sense. From the pictures I’ve seen of Windows 7 it looks like a improvement from Windows Vista, and a cosmetic improvement over Windows XP. But that’s just looks. Looks are NOT everything, we’ve seen that in Vista.

Windows 7.

Another thing that’s been bothering me about Windows 7. What are the people that have Laptops going to do? is Dell going to start making touch-screen laptops? umm… NO, probably not. Think about it, no actually, touch your laptop screen, now what just happened? your computer screen rocked back and forth. Maybe that;s not a big deal but I think it might become one eventually. And another thing, repeatedly touch your laptop screen, all over or in one place, now what happened after a little bit? your screen started moving back. Oh and now you need to wipe all the fingerprints off your screen. So with that little test done, what do you think it’s going to be like doing that all the time? Not fun. Sure maybe there’ll be “reinforced screens” or something, but maybe not. I think Windows 7 will be a little more than difficult for laptop users.

I think that once Windows 7 comes out the PC will have a huge advantage over the Mac. Graphic designers use a Mac. Now with the multi-touch capabilities graphic designers will start moving more toward the PC because of the nulti-touch capabilities it has. Just think, instead of using your mouse for designing something, you just move your fingers. That’s going to be huge for designers but maybe not so much for the general public.

Check out this video from PC on Cranky Geeks, it’s pretty interesting. One thing that caught me was their opinion of “Windows 7”. John thinks that Windows 7 is going to be a flop. Who cares that you can touch the screen instead of using the mouse? John thinks that the only people that will like, and really take advantage of the touch screen will be graphic designers, and graphic designers use MACS!

The CrankyGeeks video can be found at This address.

So what’s the big deal about Windows 7? who says that it isn’t going to be another Vista? go to Google Images and search for Windows 7. You’ll see mostly Windows Vista pictures and about two or so “Windows 7” pictures. Windows 7, from what are supposedly “reputable” sources, looks a lot like Vista. Just today I went to Wikipedia to look up some information on Windows 7 and a picture of Windows Vista was showing claiming to be Windows 7. And on top of that it was from a “reputable” source. Windows 7 does kinda looks like Vista. You can see some good pictures of what Windows 7 is supposed to look like Here. The design looks better than Vista. The Taskbar looks a little big though, but I guess it will be better to try touching windows that size with your fingers than trying to tough window in other versions of Windows. It looks like Windows 7 will have separate desktops though, like in Knoppix, a version of Linux. Windows 7 isn’t supposed to be as hard on your system, that would be a nice change. It would also be nice if Windows 7 doesn’t have all those programs start at the Startup. When I run Ubuntu Linux it starts up in five seconds, literally. Sure Ubuntu doesn’t have all the features Windows XP has, no version of Linux does, but Ubuntu is still pretty cool.

I guess we’ll just have to see if Windows 7 is going to be another Vista.

I’ve been reading This article, among other articles and I’ve also been viewing some supposedly “leaked” pictures of Windows 7. Being able to control it with your fingers while getting fingerprints all over it will be a little less appealing though. Hopefully it will be built off of Microsoft’s MinWin which only requires 25MB and 40MB of disk space. It looks like it will have the looks of Vista and from what Bill Gates said, we can never have another Vista, so it looks like, and sounds like, Windows 7 will have the looks of Vista but with way less bugs and problems. Hopefully I’m right in thinking that. If it is built off of MinWin it seem that we wont be facing 5+ minutes for a startup anymore and hopefully much less demand on your computer hardware to boot. I don’t think there is much probability in it being built off of MinWin though, I mean, look up some pictures of Windows 7 and look at those graphics! Wow. And with “Wow” graphics comes the need for great computer power.

More later…


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