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Okay. So first I would like to point you to a great PC Mag article about Win XP. It’s called Windows XP: The Unauthorized Biography. It’s a good article talking about Windows XP.
Another thing I would like to say. All you people that think that you wont be able to get Windows XP after June 30th, you will still be able to get it, it just wont ship with your PC. I quote from a PC World article,

“…you’ll be able to buy XP on certain mainstream PCs at least until January 31, 2009, and possibly beyond…”

Microsoft will still be making updates for it until 2014 though. Like I said before, your new PC wont ship with XP, but, and I quote from Tristan’s unproductive blog,

“…Windows XP Professional thought will be given with the purchase of Vista Business or Vista Ultimate as part of the “Downgrade Rights”. XP will continue to be updated until April 2014. Lets hope that Microsoft will see to it that Vista gets as stable as XP …”

Check out This article from PC World talking about that. Make sure you watch the Video on the bottom of the page also. Although did you really think, for one minute, a company like Microsoft, will get rid of it’s most successful Operating System before it has a good Operating System to replace it? Nope. And besides, even if they did decided to get rid of XP, we’ve all got backup disks at home.
Check out this PC Mag forum where I, and a bunch of other people, posted our thoughts on Extending the life of Windows XP.
Check out This page. It’s called: “Whats happening with Windows?” It’s a really good article about Vista, XP and Windows 7.
Check out This article from PC World called “Dell to Install Windows XP After June 30”.
Also be sure to check out This article from Tristan’s unproductive blog. This article is a good article written by him on the subject of Windows XP.
Check out This PC Mag article called Windows XP: The Long Goodbye. It’s a great article talking about The Long Goodbye to the eXPerience.
Check out This article from PC World called A Requiem for Windows XP. A Requiem for Windows XP is a great article talking about, as the name suggests, Windows XP.
Check out This article from PC World Using Vista Instead of XP Is Dumb. Using Vista Instead of XP Is Dumb is, yet again, another good article talking about XP.
Check out This page from InfoWorld called Windows 7 compatibility test now available.
Check out This article from Kortech Services Blog called So long Windows XP, thanks for all the fish. Although the name is a little odd it’s a good article.
Check out This article from The Economist called The Meaning of Bill Gates. The Meaning of Bill Gates is a great article well worth the time.
Check out This article from CNNMoney.com called Microsoft Without Gates. Microsoft Without Gates is yet another, good article.

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Click Here to take a survey on weather or not you think Windows XP should die.

  1. okorioth says:

    You don’t know Douglas Adams do you? Its from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.”So long, and thanks for all the fish.” Thanks for the nod.

  2. zachdude1094 says:

    No I haven’t seen that movie.

  3. okorioth says:

    Movie? The movie stinks..read the books.

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