What Microsoft needs to do.

Posted: July 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

I was reading an article from The Economist called The Meaning Of Bill Gates. As I read that article I started thinking about how much we need to appreciate Bill Gates. Without him we would all be using Macs of Linux. Without Bill Gates we wouldn’t have Windows XP. So Thanks Bill.

So Microsoft is making yet another OS. So lets look back. Windows XP
was good. Windows Vista was bad. I personally think that Windows Vista
was just created to tide people over until Windows 7. People say how
much Windows 7 looks like Windows Vista. Do you know why? I think that Microsoft was
working on Windows 7 when they decided they needed to release a new
Operating System. So they released what they had so far on Windows 7. Which came out to be Windows Vista.
This would be good for two reasons. To see what people liked
about what they had for Windows 7 so far, to see what people didn’t
like about what they had created so far for Windows 7 and to see what
they needed to improve upon. In doing this they would gather much
needed information for the next OS. It’s like asking people what they
want to see in the next OS so that when they actually come out with the OS everyone will say “Oh this is the greatest OS ever” and think Microsoft is great. Now, since they know what people liked and
disliked about Windows Vista they can have a better understanding on
what to put into their next OS. Think of it this way. Windows XP came out in 2001. Windows Vista
came out on January 30, 2007. So they had six years to work on a new
OS. Sure Vista was a revolution in looks but not necessarily in
functionality. Why? becuase Microsoft wasn’t done developing it yet.
Why? because it was Windows 7 and Windows 7 wasn’t supposed to come out
until much later so they figured they had more time. This really
doesn’t make much sense though, why, if they had a perfectly good OS,
Windows XP, would they release another OS until the one they were
ultimately working on was finished? as far as I know there wasn’t a
demand for a new OS at the time. Maybe Microsoft thought they needed something to
“compete” with the Mac OS. Apple released it’s new OS in October 2007,
that’s around the same time Windows Vista was released. So maybe they
were working on Windows 7, Microsoft was done working on graphics but
wasn’t quite finished with the inner workings. So maybe Microsoft felt
that what was destined to be Windows 7 was done enough for a “beta” so
that they would have something to compete with in the ever battle of
Mac vs PC.

So let’s review.

Microsoft had a perfectly good OS, Windows XP. Windows Vista looks a
lot like Windows 7. Windows Vista might have been a “beta” for Windows
7 released to test out users response. Windows Vista might have also
been released because Microsoft felt that they needed something to
compete with Mac OS X v. 10.5.

My theory has a few holes in it but I think it could be correct, or partially anyway. Feedback?


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