Over the top.

Posted: July 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

I believe I’m going over the top. With feeds that is. I have 15 feeds in my Toolbar that I check about every five minuetes. Sure I find a lot of good information through these feeds but am I going over the top? I thought about using Google Reader but then I would have to sign into Google Reader every time I wanted to check a feed. I could just have Google keep me signed in though, but even then I woiuld have to open a new page and check on the feeds. When they’re in my toolbar I can check them while I’m loading a page or sending an email or waiting for someone to IM me back (not that I’m ever on IM, I personally think IM is a waste of time). I could also embed the feeds on my desktop, and have before but that really doesn’t work to well at all. I’m going to go and put them on my desktop anyway though.

Well it didin’t work to embed a feed onto my desktop, all that came out was a bunch or HTML code. I can, however, embed a webpage onto my desktop though. I tried to embed my Google Reader page onto my desktop but that didn’t work even though I provided my computer with the username and password to log into Google Reader. It’s just to confusing.

More later.


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