Posted: July 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

MPK20 is a really cool collaboration program from Sun Microsystems. Check out the video:

Pretty coll huh? It looks like a game, which will attract a lot of people, but can be used for Internet collaboration. That’s so awesome. I collaborate with a team in Minnesota to do FLL, (First Lego League) where we build Robots, do a skit, and compete on an board with a bunch of missions for our robot to complete. Since I live in Florida we do A LOT of collaboration over the Internet. We use Skype and Mikogo, but we’ve used YuuGuu, Remote Assistance, we tried to use RemoteX, LogMeIn and various other programs. Check out my page Video and voice calls over the Internet for more information of how and what we used to do that.

If you’ve ever collaborated over the Internet then you’ll know the difficulties of getting your point across and collaborating on documents. Even on email it’s hard to get your point across sometimes. But anyway. Imagine being able to show someone the document you’re working on, have them help you edit it, then talk about it. I can do that now but if there was One program, instead of two, that would be a help. Not to mention the graphics.

Check out This post where I heard about MPK20 first.


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