Email services.

Posted: July 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Which email service do you use? Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail,, do you use Outlook to check your email, or maybe you use a program like Windows Live Mail. Some of these programs and email services are better than others. I will rank them according to my liking.

  1. The first place would have to go between Yahoo! Hotmail and Gmail. Yahoo! is what I use and I really like the interface, and Yahoo! focuses on the user experience, which is great. You can play games, and you a fairly advances website builder, Geocities. Yahoo! also gives you access to Briefcase, which allows you to store files online, Yahoo! Bookmarks, which lets you upload your bookmarks to their server and access them from anywhere. Using Yahoo! Bookmarks you can also download all of your bookmarks to a file and upload them into another browser. Yahoo! Answers is a huge advantage for me. Yahoo! Answers allows you to post a question at the Yahoo! answers site and hopefully the Yahoo! Answer community will answer your question. Hotmail, from Microsoft, is great because it gives you access to Windows Live Messenger, and a lot of other services, for example, Microsoft Connect. You don’t necessarily need a Hotmail account to access these services but some will require you to have an account. Gmail is good because it has features like email forwarding, Google alerts, gChat and Google Docs, to name a few. Gmail is a very powerful email client that I would recommend having, just to have. Google also requires you to have a Gmail account to access a lot of their programs.
  2. AOL is a nice service, for email and chatting (AIM). Another good service AOL offers would be My eAddress. My eAddress is where you can get an email with whatever you want. For example, Cool eh?
  3. GMX, or Global Mail Exchange is also a pretty nice email service not as well known as some of the names above. GMX will take third on this ranking.
  4. could have taken third, just because you can get “personalized” email addresses. is not a service I would use as my main email. is very primitive looking, and seeming not very powerful.

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