Posted: July 30, 2008 in Uncategorized Hmm. Well a fairly good amount of bloggers and website pros are condemning Cuil already. Check out This article. I personally think that Cuil has a lot of potential. I tried it out, had it as my home page, and liked it. Cuil searches 121,617,892,992 websites. That’s not huge, compared to the 120,000 BLOGS that are created every day. What I think got it a lot of attention was

“…because it has former Google engineers on its team and because of its claim to have the world’s largest search index…”

That’s big. One of the things I really like about Cuil is how it displays it’s search results. Not as a list, but with a nice size description of what the website will contain if I click the link. Google’s version of this is much, much smaller. I like how the top bar and the bottom bar stay in place, and the search results scroll, that nice, so I can go down or up, read something then not have to go all that way to the bottom of the page to go to a new page, or to the top of the page to do a new search (Google). Cuil does have a pretty nice size search index, considering that it just got released Monday. All in all, Cuil has a lot of potential, as long as Google doesn’t crush it.

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