Mojave Experiment.

Posted: August 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Have you heard about Microsoft’s Mohave (Or Mojave) Experiment?

“…Microsoft held a series of videotaped focus groups and told attendees — all non-Vista users — they would be shown a future version of Windows called “Mojave.”…”

“…First, they were asked what they thought of Windows Vista, and many comments were negative. A Microsoft representative showed them a variety of specific features of “Mojave,” and comments were positive. Then, Microsoft told them “Mojave” was in fact Vista, and some attendees said the Experiment had changed their thinking about Vista…”

Pretty weird huh? Check out the following video:

Now what the video doesn’t tell us is how long the people actually used “Mojave”. Did they use if for a day? a couple hours? or did they get an automated tour of Windows Vista? If they didn’t actuall get to use it then they’re just basing their opinions off of the looks of Vista. Just like a lot of people did when it came out.


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