Posted: August 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

Q-Dir is an alternative to Windows Explorer that PC World said in an article called Put New Life Into Windows XP “…This is the file manager that Microsoft should have created…”. I agree with them, partially. Q-Dir has a lot of features, which is nice, but Q-Dir can be confusing. For Instance, if you want to just see a folder in a single panel, you can’t do it with Q-Dir. Q-Dir has a lot of useful features, but it’s not really functional. I don’t normally need to move files and folders but when I do I just right-click the file or folder and hit Copy or Move to folder. I don’t need to have four panels do do it. And you can’t get rid of any of the panels, you can make them small and almost non-existent but you can’t physically get rid of any of them. And if you actually want to use Q-Dir you have to open Q-Dir, then navigate to the folder you want to edit. You can’t just click My Documents from your Start Menu and have it open Q-Dir. So you’ll end up using Windows Explorer anyway, and if you really want to change Windows Explorer, then get some add-ons for Windows Explorer, it’ll make it so much easier.
More about Q-Dir.
Q-Dir, once you open it, has four panels, each displaying My Computer. You can navigate, for example to your desktop in one, and to My Documents in the other, then click and drag a file from your documents onto your desktop. It’s that easy. Q-Dir is a great program if you’re looking for an alternative to Windows Explorer.


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