Posted: August 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

Aurora is a mew browser Mozilla’s developing. It looks really cool! Check out the below video:

Pretty cool huh? Like an article from a blog on itworldcanada called YouTube Fridays: An early look at ‘Aurora’ said,

“…I see a Max OS X influence near the bottom of the screen, but there’s a part of me that thinks elements of Aurora would be even better if paired with some of the surface computing concepts Microsoft has hinted at in its sneak peek at Windows 7…”

I think anything coupled with the looks of an operating system like what we’ve seen of Windows 7. and even Windows Vista. Anyway, in the video, which is very blurry and hard to see what they’re doing, or at least it is for me to see it, it says that Aurora will have a built-in way to collaborate and “resolve disputes” over the Internet. The way that it shows the two people collaborating in that video is amazing! I do a lot of collaboration because I’m on an FLL team based in Minnesota, and this is something we couldn’t even wish to have now. Another thing I thought was really cool was that when he clicked a set of data numbers it turned into a line graph, very useful.  One thing I noticed, among others, in that video was the cool thing where when you clicked a “clover” looking shape appeared and then when you moved your mouse to one of the “leafs” a menu popped out. What confused me about this video though was that it looks like the browser is running on the Mac OS X because of it’s surroundings and menus that appear around the window, but the Mac OS doesn’t have that many menus. Maybe that is the browser itself? and even then, the computer’ OS doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen to date. It’s amazing. As far as I know the Mac OS can’t do this and from what I’ve seen neither can Windows 7, although apparently it’s the browser heavily integrating with the computer itself. Another thing I really liked was how it organized everything, in a 3D state, and it said the Z axis, is representing time, so the longer ago you used something, the farther back it will be.
Very cool,
More later…


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