WordPress or Joomla?

Posted: August 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve been using WordPress for a coupled months now, I’ve been writing on This wbesite. WordPress is a nice, simple, easy to use editor, but it’s not very powerful. Especially compared to Joomla. On WordPress you really don’t get a whole lot of Fonts, but then again, you don’t get that many on Joomla either. On WordPress you can’t really customize your colors all that much, at least, not without paying about $15 a month. On Joomla you can change the color, free. On WordPress you can only choose from a certain amount of layouts. On Joomla you can make your own. Making your own layout is a great option for all people that build websites. Since I’ve been using WordPress I’ve been using a layout know as ChaoticSoul, which is a good layout, but I would have liked to change it a little. I lke the way everything’s layed out, but I don’t like the color a whole lot, I would have liked something a little brighter. And I don’t want to comit to paying $15 a month, yet. I have to say though, Joomla isn’t an easy website to set up. You have to set up a MySQL databases, configure PHP, upload the files and more. So it’s definetily not an easy thing, or at least I don’t think it is. On WordPress all you have to do is go to the website and click sign-up and follow the prompts. I’ve tried to add another admin to my website on WordPress, but all that happened was I got another name I could post under. On Joomla I got a username and password. And Joomla has so many features that WordPress doesn’t. One of what I think will become one of my favorites will be the Private Messaging service foiund on Joomla, which, as it’s name says, let’s me send private maeeages to the other writers for this website.  WordPress is a good website host, but Joomla is better for the more advanced bloggers out there.

  1. Douglas says:

    WordPress and Joomla are totally differently. Joomla is made more web site content management and less for blogging whereas WordPress is made more for blogging and less for content management. However, there are plenty of people who successfully use Joomla for blogging and WordPress for content management systems. Both of them are extremely powerful.

    WordPress can be made into a powerful content management system and Joomla can be made into a powerful blog. You can use the WordPress pages feature to get of CMS-like functionality and I am sure Joomla has blogging features in it.

    As far as WordPress.com versus Joomla goes, that is another comparison. While $15 a year for the CSS upgrade might sound like a lot, it’s probably pretty inexpensive when you compare to the price of web hosting for a year. Also consider that WordPress.com blogs have unlimited bandwidth. If you choose to go the self-hosted route, you can use a WordPress installation from WordPress.org, which allows you to customize (and create) your own theme and make unlimited changes to your blog without any restrictions.

    If you have any questions regarding WordPress.com and how to use it, just click on “Support” in the upper right. We’re more than happy to help out!

    WordPress.com Support

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