Taking a video.

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

Recently I downloaded HyperCam 2 so that I could take some videos of me playing Roblox and post them to YouTube. So I took my video and opened Windows Movie Maker and imported the video of me playing War CTF. As soon as Windows Movie Maker was done importing the video, Windows Movie Maker crashed. When I went back and opened Windows Movie Maker my imported video wasn’t there, and the autosave was set at 10 minuets so I lost it. So then I tried this twice more with the same results. After that I went to Microsoft Help and Support and found out that maybe my problem was a file called Divxaf.ax, and to search my computer, and if found delete it. Well it wasn’t there, so I went on to the other suggestion which was to lower the hardware acceleration. I did that and nothing new happened, besides the fact that with my hardware “decelerated” I couldn’t play Roblox anymore. So no help there. So I went and tired to chat online with a support person, and it was “after business hours” when I tried last night so I couldn’t do that. Today when I tried to use Microsoft Help and Support, during business hours, I eventually got to a page that told me I had to pay to use the support! Of all the cheap ways to make money. So I went and tried to go to the Microsoft website so I could try to re-install Windows Movie Maker, but when I got to the website it told me that Windows Movie Maker was on the Windows XP disk and that’s where I could get it. So I went to Download.com and downloaded it from there, only to find that nothing happened besides all my Windows Movie Maker icons, instead of saying Windows Movie Maker, said “@C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\1033\wmm2res.dll,-61446”. So I decided I was done with Windows Movie Maker and decided to find an alternative, so last night I went and tried to use Roxio Easy Media Creator 9. I tried Video-Wave and Cine-Magic and both didn’t open. So I re-booted my computer, tried everything I listed before again and turned off my computer for the night. Today I came back and tried to open Video Wave from Roxio but was stopped by an error message reading: “Your video card does not meet the minimum requirements to use this program, please upgrade your video card.” And Cine-Magic still wont open. So then I went and looked for a new movie manager. What I eventually got, was Jahshaka. After a rather lengthy install, where I had to install some library or books, I opened Jahshaka, and was disappointed. Jahshaka is nothing like Windows Movie Maker, Windows Movie Maker shows me frames of about 10 or so seconds, Jahshaka showed me the movie, was slow, and confusing. Windows Movie Maker, to my surprise, was easy to use. If Windows Movie Maker didn’t keep crashing, I would definitely recommend it, and still will, even if I can’t use it. Out of all this, one good thing did come out of this, I know why I couldn’t play Roblox on my new Gaming PC, the hardware accelerator was set to low or none. But anyway. HyperCam 2 is a great program to take videos on your screen, that doesn’t take a lot of CPU up.

More Later…


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