My new gaming computer.

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s not actually new, one of my dad’s friends got a Mac and didn’t know what to do with his gaming computer, so he gave is to me. It’s a nice computer, he also gave us a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard, and a nice monitor to go with it. Now to get to the software part of this post. When I got it he still had all the settings, some of the files and all of the programs he had before still one there. I spent a day cleaning up that computer, removing unwanted programs, running CCleaner, scanning with Ad-Aware, and in general, working with it. I also downloaded Roblox, which, if you read the previous post, didn’t work on the gaming computer, but I think I know why. When I was trying to fix Windows Movie Maker I went an lowered the hardware accelerator to try and fix Windows Movie Maker. That didn’t work and I felt no need to raise it back up, so I didn’t and proceeded to play Roblox, only to find that it didn’t work, just like on the gaming computer. So my theory is that the hardware accelerator was set, be default, to be very low, which made Roblox not work. But before I had figured that out I decided, because the version of Windows XP, Windows XP Pro, wasn’t registered, which meant I couldn’t update the computer using Windows Update, or I could but I couldn’t download the service pack and I kept getting annoying pop-up notices so I decided to re-install Windows XP. I had a copy on Windows XP Pro but I decided to use Windows XP Home. So I popped this disk in, and rebooted my computer. After a few reboots and some consulting of the Internet of which function key to hold down for that particular computer, I got the boot menu open where I could select to boot from the Windows CD, which initiated the Windows XP install process. I said that I wanted to install windows XP, went through the EULA (End User License Agreement) and couldn’t hit F8 to agree to the EULA because that particular keyboard had pre-set functions for the Function keys, I.E, email, IM etcetra. And of course there wasn’t a key that had FN on it (the actual key that was supposed to be the FN key was the F Lock key), so I had to cancel the Windows XP re-install until I figured out which key the FN key was. Eventually I found out be accident, and restarted my computer, hit F8, agreed to the EULA by hitting F Lock F8, and got to another obstacle. It asked me whether or not I wanted to delete the partition I had already, or create a new partition, or install on the existing partition. I knew I didn’t want to install on the partition already existing, but I didn’t know if I wanted to delete the partition that was there, or to create a new one. After while I decided I would create a new one, then come back and delete the old one. When I tried to make a new one, it wouldn’t work. So I deleted the old partition, installed Windows XP Home on the now clear partition, and booted my computer with its new operating system. Now I found out that, though the computer had a wireless antenna, and had wireless capabilities, Windows XP didn’t install a Wireless connection manager to use it. I later found out that the Wireless antenna was a belkin and I needed software to use it. So I went to the Belkin website on another computer, got some software that should have worked, put it on a flash drive, installed it on the gaming computer, and it didn’t work. So now the gaming computer is still without Internet, I can’t play the one game I want to play on there, Roblox, a typical computer day.

  1. Dan says:

    Are you sure you downloaded the right driver?

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