File sharing.

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve used a couple different services to share files with other people. I’ve used Box.Net to share some of my files, I’ve used to share some videos, I’ve used to upload PowerPoint presentations and also iPaper from Scribd for various documents, including the document I wrote called How to become a commuter power user. And that’s just websites made for that kind of thing. So then there’s email, IM and Skype. Most people use YouTube, almost everyone has used email to send files before, some people use Skype and end up sending files that way, and some people use IM to send files. So everyone does use file sharing, even if it’s not necessarily through, iPaper, Slideshare, and other places. So which service is the best? well here’s me opinion.

This list is not necessarily the ranking of the specific service listed.

  1. Any file type. is a pretty good service where you can upload any file, as far as I know. One problem I had was the fact that you can only upload a max size of 10MB without upgrading your account. A plus to this would be that you can upload .exe files, which some sites restrict.
  2. Slideshare. Presentations.
    Slideshare is kinda like YouTube, but for presentations. SlideShare doesn’t seem to be extremely popular, I personally use iPapaer instead.
  3. iPaper. All documents.
    iPapaer is a great service for uploading documents of any kind. You can either go to the website and upload a file of CC on the email with the document your sending to everyone for iPaper to also send everyone on that list a version of the document on the web. The only drawback is that everyone will get two of the documents. One with the original document and the other with the iPaper version.
  4. YouTube. Videos.
    YouTube, as you probably know, is a website where you can upload videos onto the web so that people can view your videos.

Every one of the listed services handles a special kind of file great, iPaper for documents, YouTube for videos, SlideShare for presentations,  and for anything else.


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