Online document creation.

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

There’s Google Docs, Zoho and now Adobe Buzzword. Adobe Buzzword is a product, totally internet based, where you can create Word-like documents easily. With Google Docs, which is rumored to be the best, should bow down to Zoho. Zoho isn’t as widely used, but if you look at Zoho’s features, and compare them to Google Docs’ features, there’s no comparison. All of the services let you export them to a .doc format, a .pdf format and some others. Google’s simple layout and white colors make it look a little primitive, compared to the sleek black look of Adobe Buzzword. And Zoho resembles Microsoft Word. Adobe Buzzword has the least fonts, with Google in second and Zoho having the most. This isn’t necessarily a huge concern for most but it would be a huge problem for some. Check out the below link for a detailed comparison.

Comparison of online office suites.


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