Am I using Vista?

Posted: August 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

The below picture is a desktop. Now I have a question for you. Am I using Vista?

The answer is, No I’m not. I downlaoded a program called BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2. Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 is a grest program that doesn’t really slow down your system, or not that I’ve noticed, and effects EVERYTHING. I’m not kidding. Even on the stsrtup I was gretted by the Vista welcome screen, I have Vista style icons, my taskbar looks like it would in Vista, my start button looks like it would in Vista, I even got a the breadcrumb interface! One problem I’m having though is that I can’t play Roblox, but I’m not quite sure that’s Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 fault becasue after I had ran Ad-Aware, which found 20 infections, and deleted them, I could play Roblox. But today, (I’m editing this post today, everything before this annotation was written yesterday), when I tried to play Roblox it wouldn’t work, and I don’t want to have to run Ad-Aware every time I play Roblox, so I uninstalled Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2. I have to say I miss the graphics. And the rocketbar, where I had set it to move all the minimized windows to, just like on the Mac. All the features were great, the start menu, the new look, especally the rocketbar. But now it’s gone. And what was aweosme was the Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 didn’t just change the colors and textures of the windows, taskbar and add the rocketbar, it actually changed the explorer.exe file, and chnaged the files that decided how my computer looked at the welcome screen, Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 changed all the files that went into my computer, not just covered them up with a copy of Vista. So, this said I’ll have to work on this problem so that I can have Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 on my machine and still play Roblox.


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