Best features of Firefox.

Posted: August 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

One of the best features in Firefox 3 would have to be the awesome bar. The awesome bar, or the address bar to those of you that don’t use Firefox, was greatly upgraded with the new version of Firefox, Firefox 3. Now when you type something into the awesome bar, you’ll get a list sites that you’ve visited before that have the text you typed into the awesome bar on them somewhere, or include the text in the URL of the page.
Another great feature would have to be bookmarks, or favorites, for those of you who don’t use Firefox. Now when you want to bookmark a page all you have to do is click the star in the awesome bar and the website you currently have open will be bookmarked in your main bookmarks folder. Then, if you want to bookmark it somewhere else all you have to do is click the little star you just clicked to bookmark the page, again and then a menu pops up titled Edit this bookmark where you can browse through your bookmark folders until you decide where you want it. And if you accidentally clicked the star? no problem, click the star again and you’ll get the Edit this bookmark menu where there’s a Remove this bookmark button.Managing feeds is just as easy too, when you’re at a page that you want to subscribe to the feed, just click the little RSS icon beside the Bookmarking star, now you will go to that websites feed page where you click Subscribe Now. If you don’t want the feed to go to your browser, maybe you read all of your feeds in Google Reader? or maybe Bloglines? not a problem. All you have to do is click the drop-down menu and select which service you want to use. If the service you want to use isn’t there then click Choose Application… which then lets you browse through your computer for a specific application to manage the feed.
There’s another feature, that when you open the window, it’s simply called Library. Library is where you manage every page you’ve visited (History) in past time you’ve set Firefox to keep your History for, including your recently closed tabs, a section that before wan unreachable. You can also manage your Firefox bookmarks folders here too, you can import export a copy of your bookmarks folder to an HTML document, and you can also import your bookmarks from an HTML file. Another way you can keep your bookmarks safe is to Backup your bookmarks, which saves a copy of all your bookmarks to a .JSON file. Another feature is the way you can restore your bookmarks from a previous date. Every day your Restore updates so you can restore your bookmarks from yesterday, or five days ago and all the days in between. And you don’t ever have to backup your bookmarks to you the restore feature. If you’ve used Internet Explorer you would know how frustrating it is to organize bookmarks in Internet Explorer, the small dialog box, and the fact that you can’t select more than one bookmark or folder at a time. In Firefox you could select every bookmark you have one-by-one if you wanted to. You can also sort your bookmarks by name, tags, location, visit date, visit count, keyword, description, added, last modified, A>Z and finally Z>A. And if that’s not enough you can search through your bookmarks for a certain site, or a description you’ve given a certain bookmark, and if you’ve got a blog bookmarked, then you can search for posts on that blog or website with the search bar. Pretty cool. And if you need more organization or need to know more about a certain bookmark, under Views, then Columns you can decide which columns you want to see, tags, date, location, visit date, visit count, keyword, description, Added and last modified.
Another great feature of Firefox is how Firefox looks. Firefox looks great to begin with, but if you want you can click Tools, Add-Ons, Themes, and if you don’t have any themes installed, type Firefox themes into the awesome bar and hit enter and you’ll find yourself at the Firefox add-ons website. Now just type a theme, such as Vista’s Aero, or the Mac’s Aqua interface and then search for it. Then all you have to do is click Add to Firefox and restart Firefox. Now downloading file or programs or anything. And Firefox themes don’t just change the color of Firefox *cough* Internet explorer *cough* Firefox themes actually change Firefox, they change buttons, colors, sometimes even the layout.
Add-Ons are another huge Firefox feature. Add-Ons are programs, that once you put into Firefox, become part of Firefox. You can add a weather viewer, music player-almost anything. Currently I have these add-ons, Fission, DOM Inspector, Firebug, ScribeFire and Web Developer. All of there are great add-ons that work seamlessly with Firefox.

More later.


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