Google Chrome.

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’m currently running Google Chrome right now, and I really like it.
Google Chrome looks great, is extremely fast and doesn’t continue to take up CPU usage when not in use *caugh* Firefox *caugh*. Another great thing about Google Chrome is that it has an awesome bar. Almost the same one Firefox has, it’s great! When I started Google Chrome the first time it asked to import all my browsing history, cookies, Search engines and my bookmarks. One Google Chrome had all that info from my other browser, even if the bookmark feature does need some work, the awesome bar is great!
What I like:

The look.
Chrome has a very sleek look to it, the tabs are on the top of the window, by the minimize, maxinize and close buttons are.

The Start Page.
Chrome privides this great start page that shows your most visited pages, recently bookmarked pages and recently closed tabs. The start pages also appears on every new tab, which is great.

The History.
Since I let Chrome import my history from IE and Firefox it knew exactally where I’d been. Now that’s nothing new for your normal History feature, but it added a couple other things. You can see exactly what time you visited a certain page. Chrome even tracked my views on the Roblox browser, which does browse the internet, but through a special browser so I can play Roblox games. And if you want to do a search for a bookmark, you get a little preview of the page you might click on before you click on it. 

The Aweosme bar.
Like in Firefox the aweosme bar shows relative URL’s to the words I’m typing, or if a page I’ve visited has a post thatr matches the text I’m typing, that will come up too. Another feature Chrome has, like Firefox, the little star you can click on to bookmark a page. Like in Firefox all I have to do is click the little star, and choose the folder I want it bookmarked in.

Chrome’s spell checker.
I’ve been having problems with my spell checker in Firefox while writing on my website, but it works fine in Chrome. Another great thing about Chrome.

Chromes tabs load as a new process.
A great feature about Chrome is that every tab you have and load new loads a new process, so that if you need to close one, and it freezes, all you have to do is go open Task Manager and find the rouge process, then end it without ending all of Chromes processes. 

What I don’t like:

The way Chrome handles Bookmarks.
Chrome has no bookmarks manager, even the skimpy unusable bookmarks manager would have been preferable to none.



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  1. David says:

    I was running chrome on one computer and then went to another computer on the same router and the browsing history for the first computer was also shown by chrome!! Would anyone like to tell me how this is done by google as it has set me thinking that there is something here I should not be happy about!! How was I recognized on the second computer. Have now unintalled with thoughts of Google analytics running thru my mind!

  2. zachdude1094 says:

    I know Chrome, once you download it, take your browsing history from IE, and maybe that’s why it knew you? I really don’t know a lot about your situation, but I would think that would be what it is. Or maybe did you import your settings (which would also import your browsing history) from Firefox?

  3. david says:

    I didn’t import IE or firefox settings and history was from Chrome! Big mystery anyway sticking with firefox 3 and testing IE8 beta. Thanks anyway.

  4. zachdude1094 says:

    Strange. Well I have no idea why it would do that. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  5. I believe Google stores all your info up on their servers. It depends what box you checked when you installed it (you may have asked for it). It is a common complaint from users that Google is spying on your usage to collect statistics.

  6. zachdude1094 says:

    Why does everyone care if Google is collecting statistics? as long as they’re not hacking my email, and my blog, I don’t care if they watch all the sites I go to.

  7. I really don’t care either. If my statistics can help them make a better product (or target me with ads for products that I might really want or use) more power to them.

    PS- I HATE gmail. Why does everybody seem to love it so much? Why can’t Google give you the option to change it up a bit- out of “converstaion” mode??? Once in a while I just like to look at my emails in different ways.

  8. zachdude1094 says:

    Exactly, I don’t do anything on with my browser worth watching, I just check my email and blog here, not too interesting, but if they’re going to make a better product, then OKAY! go ahead and watch my every move, I don’t care!

    I don’t really like gmail, I just have one so that I can access all of Google’s features, which is pretty extensive.

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