Day two of Chrome.

Posted: September 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

So today is day two of me using Google’s new beta release of it’s first Browser, Chrome. So how is it. Well I actually found a bookmark manager, I had to open my bookmarks, then right click a bookmark and hit Edit to open it. Once it was open all I could do was edit the selected bookmarks name or URL or make an new folder, nothing else. And if I right-click a folder then all I get is a little box where I can change the name. Google’s definitely got to work on their bookmark managing. The History is decent, but not as good as Firefox. But then again, this is Google’s first try at a browser. And it’s still in beta. But anyway. I don’t really know if it’s the wireless Internet connection I’m using, or if it’s Chrome, but downloads are pretty slow. But that might be because the files are huge, around 60 MB. Chrome is kinda glitchy though, like just now, I wanted to see if in the downloads window, I could see what size the files where, but I couldn’t open the little sub-menu so that I could get to it, so I had to open a new window to get to it, only to find that it didn’t show me the file size. Another thing that doesn’t really work is when you’re at the download page there’s a link that appears when the file is done downloading that is supposed to take you to the download location. That doesn’t work. And another thing. Why does Google’s browser have a link in the bookmarks toolbar folder to a page on Microsoft’s website telling me how to customize my bookmarks in IE? Another thing I don’t like a lot, if how Chrome manages my bookmarks. It would have been nice if when I imported my bookmarks from Firefox, the bookmarks that were in the bookmarks toolbar folder would have actually gone to the bookmarks toolbar. But nooooo they go to a sub folder of the main bookmarks folder called imported from Firefox. Another thing that kinda annoys me is that whenever I go to a (a website that has all kinds of music I can play for free) I can hardly read the text. I looks like someone scrunched up the letters, then made them bold. Other than that Chrome is pretty nice. It’s Fast, it looks good, and It’s been needling most websites great. And besides, Chrome has only crashed ounce, which for a beta of a companies first browser, is pretty good. Unfortunately Chrome doesn’t have that awesome feature with the Restore previous session option. Fortunately for me, I was only checking my email. Over all I’m still giving Chrome a great review, and it’s still in beta. I remember when Firefox was in beta 2, and later beta versions, I couldn’t even check my email, and Chrome is in what, it’s second beta? There are a couple features I just learned about though. When you right-click the top bar, where the tabs are, you get the option to open the task manager, pretty cool. Another cool feature is that when you right-click the awesome bar (the address bar) you can select paste, and paste and go. Through using Chrome, which opens in like 2 seconds, how slow Firefox is to open, I mean, Firefox is still fast, but Chrome is faster. And that’s probably because Chrome doesn’t hve to load a whole toolbar and a half of bookmarks, most of them live feeds, and about 8 add-ons. One thing I do miss though is the bar with the File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help. That would be usefull.

More on day three!


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