Fun with Firefox.

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

Normally I would be writing Chrome day three right now, but seeing as it’s 18 minutes to 7:00 AM I really haven’t done day three yet. I’ve been browsing web pages, checking my email and such but not really a whole lot. So I ran across This page and decided for right now I would have an article with this link on it, then maybe do a chrome day three later. Now first I want to say that this post is saying absolutely nothing about Google’s browser, Chrome.

So the article I previously listed is a page from an apparently popular page called Cow’s blog. The article, if you haven’t already clicked the link, is called Fin with Firefox Chrome URLs. Fun with Firefox Chrome URLs is an article with a bunch of URLs that you can put into Firefox to make certain things happen.

“…Firefox’s user interface is written using XUL and Javascript. The Gecko engine which renders the webpages also renders the user interface. This means you can enter chrome URLs into the Firefox address bar and do some really cool things…”

So check it out, and make sure you check out the comment by Georgemoney on 28 Jul, he has a whole lot of chrome URLs to point out.


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