Chrome, the final review.

Posted: September 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

Since I haven’t really been posting the day three, day four regular posts I have decided to write the final official review. I will probably say a couple things that I’ve already said, but oh well.

One thing that makes me mad though is that I’ve been posting on my website for two days, and because of the EULA it all belongs to Google. That’s the stupidest thing in the world! So if I make a program that runs with Chrome, and I build it with Chrome, it belongs to Google. I mean, that’s ridiculous! And what if the company that owns MySpace were to update it using Chrome, maybe for security reasons, Google would now own MySpace!

The thing I like most about chrome, over everything else, is how fast Chrome is. I double click the icon on my desktop and it’s open. With Firefox and IE I have to open the browser and wait for it to come fuly up, which could take a long time. Now if I install a program called Firefox Preloader then I’m okay, Firefox loads just as fast as Firefox. Firefox preloader loads some of the files that are needed to run Firefox before you actually run Firefox, thus speeding up your Firefox boot. Speed isn’t everything though. If IE was faster than Chrome and Firefox, I still wouldn’t use it. Firefox looks good, you can change the loook and feel, which is a huge plus to Firefox but in Chrome there isn’t anything close to that. Chrome has a long way to come. Chrome’s a good browser, but it needs a decent bookmarks manager, a better way to customize it, add-ons like there are in Firefox would be great, and what would be really nice would be a revised EULA.


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