If you’ve been reading my page Video and voice calls over the internet you’ll know that I use Mikogo, and you’ll probably know, (based on whether or not I posted this) that when we tried to use the Skype add-on for Mikogo, it didn’t work. So anyway. I opened my email today to find an email from Andrew Donnelly. Andrew Donnely Works For Mikogo. I was very surprised to get an email from him, usually when I email companies, which I don’t do a whole lot, I’m lucky to get an automatically generated repose. Not with Mikogo. Andrew emailed me about a press release that is being released tomorrow titled Mikogo Press Release. He emailed me the press release, which was really nice of him, and then on top of that said I could post it on my blog, a day before it’s officially released. So you will get to read the press release a day early, if you get here on time. Another cool thing he said was when I told him that I couldn’t get the Mikogo extra for Skype to work just to tell him the problems and he would try to help. So that said I’m going to post the press release so that you can have a chance to read it before it’s officially released.

Mikogo Press Release

Perfecting Collaboration: Mikogo Launches Free Screen Sharing Skype Extra

The perfect Web collaboration package is here, with the Mikogo Skype Extra providing free screen sharing to all Skype users worldwide creating a complete and free Web conferencing solution. Available for everyone, Mikogo provides an easy-to-use online meeting tool that works seamlessly and securely in conjunction with Skype, allowing the user to talk and share their screen content at no cost.

Mannheim, GERMANY September 18, 2008 The worlds free online meeting tool, Mikogo (http://www.mikogo.com) announces its successful partnership to Skype with the launch of the Mikogo Skype Extra, creating the complete solution to free Web conferences. A simple download, with no installations and at no cost, now allows Skype users to collaborate with their contacts via four forms of communication: voice, chat, video, and now screen sharing.

“Regardless of whether it’s for business or private purposes, Skype users now have the complete Web conferencing package without paying a cent,” says Mark Zondler, Co-Founder of Mikogo. “Free screen sharing combined seamlessly with Skypes free calls, free chat, and free video, really give the Mikogo Skype Extra users the perfect means of Web collaboration.”

While expensive conferencing solutions have satisfied the corporate bodies, the price tag has put them well out of reach for private users. With this in mind, award winning Web collaboration provider, BeamYourScreen, developed Mikogo as a free screen sharing solution. With Mikogo, users can host professional online meetings allowing them to collaborate easily with colleagues, clients, friends or family, while saving time and reducing costs.

Its easy to understand that anyone operating on a tight budget, such as small emerging businesses or private users, are unable and unwilling to pay hundreds of dollars a year for a conferencing solution. Especially when voice conferencing can require additional costs, and it is here where the Mikogo Skype Extra will shine.

“Our users are able to employ Mikogo and the Skype Extra for consultations, teaching, IT support, picture sharing, university projects, club meetings, and more,” continues Zondler. “They can start a free Mikogo online meeting and invite up to 10 of their Skype contacts to view their screen at no cost.”

Organizing or joining a free Mikogo Skype online meeting is a simple straight-forward process with no registrations, installations, or configurations. Such an easy-to-start application in addition to its user-friendly interface again gives Mikogo that crucial edge over competitor Skype Extras.

The addition of Mikogos free screen sharing to Skype could in fact impact on the way people and businesses worldwide go about their correspondence and Internet collaboration in the future. By eliminating travel costs and saving time for its users, Mikogo’s presence will no doubt be felt.

For further information on Mikogo Skype meetings visit http://skype.mikogo.com or download the Mikogo Skype Extra from https://extras.skype.com/1672.

Press Contact:

Andrew Donnelly

Email: andrew@mikogo.com

Phone: +49-621-7001-9980

About BeamYourScreen

Established in Germany in 2004 by Erik Boos and Mark Zondler, BeamYourScreen is a renowned provider of innovative web collaboration solutions, whose product range consists of software solutions for online meetings, online presentations, and remote support. At present, more than 1400 corporate customers in over 40 countries worldwide are using the BeamYourScreen technology and benefiting from significantly reduced travel time and travel expenses. The makeup of these customers ranges from small and medium sized enterprises to large global corporations such as Toshiba, Yamaha, and Roche. In addition to its business products, BeamYourScreen is the provider of the free online meeting tool, Mikogo, designed for the private users.

Free Online Meetings with Mikogo


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