Dual Monitors.

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve always heard, or what I’ve ever heard about using dual monitors, was that it wasn’t easy. A couple days ago I was moving around my computer room, and since I have a desktop computer, I had to unhook everything to move it, I decided to plug my desktop’s monitor into my laptop and see how far I could get with hooking it up. So I hooked it up, right-clicked my desktop and clicked Properties, and navigated to the Settings tab. There I set the screen resolution and the color quality for my new screen, hit apply, and said Yes when my computer asked me if I really wanted to keep the changes I just made, and that’s it!
Now when I said that I changed my screen resolution for my new screen all I had to do was move a slider to the left to make the output of my new screen bigger, and to the right to make it smaller, it’s that easy.
And when I said I changed the color quality of my new screen, I opened a drop down menu and selected Highest (32 bit) instead of the already selected Medium (16 bit).
Now both of my screens work seamlessly together, I can drag windows from one screen to the other. During Lego practice (See my page Video and Voice calls over the Internet for more on my First Lego League experiences, including our technological difficulties and an in depth review of Skype, Mikogo, Remote Assistance, and a shorter review of Vyew, LogMeIn and many other programs and websites) I could have Skype and Mikogo open on one screen, and have a Firefox window open on my other screen doing Research for the FLL Project.
All in all having Dual Monitors is great, for research purposes, for blogging, for writing documents-for everything. And it’s not like it’s that hard to do.

  1. Yeah, they are really easy to use. In fact I would go as far as saying they are even easier to use than a computer with only one monitor. Personally, I have six LCDs on my computer and I’m probably 3-4 times more productive than i used to be. Great post and welcome to Dual monitors!

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