Microsoft’s new PC ad.

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Have you seen the new Microsoft PC ad? well I haven’t, at least, not until yesterday.
After seeing all those “Hi, I’m a PC, and I’m a Mac” commercials from Apple, this was definitely a disappointment.

“Hell, I’m a PC. And I’ve been made into a stereotype. …some stupid music starts to play… I’m a PC and I’m not what you call hip…”

That’s the opening line in the new PC commercial from Microsoft, then some other people go on to say I’m a PC and I this and I that and I don’t do this and I wear this or that-it seems to me that all this commercial is trying to do is defend itself from the “Hi, I’m a PC and I’m a Mac…” commercials Apple’s made. I mean, what does it matter if people that use the PC wear glasses? there are three people that come on saying “I wear glasses”, then there’s a person come on saying “I’m a PC and I wear jeans” (who cares?), then someone saying “And I study Jeans” then “And I design jeans” and then there’s me saying what do I care? how will this promote the PC? wow, people using the PC wear glasses and Jeans, oh my gosh, now because of that I’m going to switch from my Mac and go to a PC-NO! And who cares if the guy standing in front of a bunch of cows says “I’m a PC and I turn number two into energy!”? that’s not going to make me want to switch from a PC to a mac! I mean seriously, what is Microsoft thinking?


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