Safari day one (not really)

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well since my Chrome posts were so popular I’ve decided to do a Safari review.
Now the only reason I’ve got Safari on my computer is because when I was updating iTunes there was an option to download Safari with it, which was just so conveniently already checked, so I downloaded, and after about 15-25 minutes the update was done. Wow that was a long time. So then I opened Safari. Now I would like to say Safari was so awesome looking, it handled everything seamlessly blah blah blah, well I can’t. And neither would I like to, see, I was lying. But anyway. My first thought when I first opened Safari was “Wow, this just barely looks better than IE (any version)”! But hey, at least it has a decent bookmark manager unlike *cough* Chrome and IE7 *cough*. I haven’t decided whether or not the gray and white look is totally awesome and intuitive, or way stupid and primitive looking, but in my opinion, it’s one of the two. The activity monitor is pretty cool, or should I say, Cuil. Now one thing that bothers me is that there’s no apparent way to open tabs, and if I wasn’t so tech savvy I would have thought “wow this browser is way behind the curve”. And there are some definite advantages to a browser with add-ons (Firefox) like Multirow Bookmarks, additional toolbars, which, by the way, Safari doesn’t have, color. One nice thing is the automatic feature Auto Fill, Auto Fill automatically fills forms with your preset data, so when a form asks for say your name, address, email, if you’ve provided them to the auto fill program, you just click the auto fill button, or activate the program/add-on somehow, and the program/add-on fills all the fields that match the data that you’ve provided. And another thing that I can’t seem to find, the Home button. Every browser has one, except Safari. Now maybe I’m being particular but I like to have buttons and shortcut keys to make my life easier, I don’t want to have to open a menu just to open my homepage or open a new tab, sure I can use Ctrl+Click, if I’m clicking a link, or I can hit Ctrl+T, but like I said, maybe I’m just being particular. Now one heck of an awesome feature though is the Merge All Windows found under the Windows menu. Now Merge All Windows takes all the open webpages from all the open windows and merges them into one window using tabs. Pretty awesome. Another thing that annoyed me when I imported all my bookmarks from Firefox into Safari was that my RSS Feeds don’t work anymore. Now for those of you that don’t use Firefox 3 or just don’t know this, in Firefox 3 when you’re at a website normally you will see a little picture of the RSS symbol (generally orange) beside the star you can use for bookmarking, and in Firefox when you click that RSS button you will make a live bookmark, which when clicked, will open into a menu displaying all of that’s websites feeds. Now I have 15 of these live bookmarks on my Bookmarks toolbar, I don’t check them all daily, but they will all get checked, and the fact that now I can check to see if these 15 sites have new posts without actually going to their website is great. Well when I imported my bookmarks into Safari, and moved my folder labeled Bookmarks Toolbar to the Bookmarks toolbar in Safari, lo and behold, my live bookmarks don’t work! and on top of that, there is no apparent way to make live bookmarks in Safari, so now if I want to see if there are any changes to those 15 websites I monitor, I have to either import all their address, by hand, into a service like Google Reader, or visit them one by one. No thank you!
But guess what? there are add-ons for Safari! there is Quicktime, Jave, Adobe Flash Player, Real Player, Adobe Reader and windows Media player, aren’t those great! NO. Sure they’re necessities, but I can’t use them to enable me to have a multirow bookmarks toolbar, I can’t use those add-ons, if they are even worthy to be called add-ons-those should come standard in the browser! but do they? NO! And what the heck is this Sanpback feature? Here’s what the Indiana University’s Knowledge Base has to say:

“…The first page you open in a window is the SnapBack page. Safari remembers this page so you can quickly return to it after opening other web pages by clicking the SnapBack button in the address box…”

Now why the heck is this useful? so I go to open my Safari browser, and it opens to my homepage. Now, from wherever I go, I will open my homepage by clicking this stupid orange arrow! wow, this just might be the home page button I’m looking for! NOT. So now I’ve on a rant.
And now, what the heck is this stupid Select Next Tab/Select Previous Tab function for (found under the Window menu)? what, I can’t click my other tab, I have to do some funky Ctrl+unintelligible (I couldn’t tell what the heck the other key was) combination that it isn’t even clear what the heck it is! Jeez.
But I do have to say, the Bring tab to new windows option is pretty cool, especially if you’re researching something, find something totally unrelated and want to follow that lead also.
So now we have the Mail Link to this page option. Now first of all, how many people actually use Microsoft Outlook? I don’t, because it doesn’t work with Yahoo! or MSN, my two major email services that I use. And I know most people use Yahoo!, hotmail or gMail, but I don’t think even gMail works with outlook, and even if it does, who the heck knows how to set it up? because I sure don’t! But back to my original statement, When I click the Mail link to This page option (under the file menu) Microsoft Outlook opens. Okay, well that’s what happens with most browsers, oh but wait, not in Firefox, in Firefox I can change a preference so that it uses my Yahoo!, gmail or Hotmail address! but is Safari? Noooo, of course not. But then again, that’s a relatively new feature which, to my knowledge, Firefox is the only holder of. Now who the heck said that Safari is blazing fast? I clicked the bookmark to my website in Safari, went over to Firefox, opened a ew tab, and then clicked a bookmark to my website, and Firefox still beat Safari! Wow. So now I’m running slim on my rant, but this post has been three days in the making, because, I am taking a web design class through a place called Potters School, and I had to finish all my homework for last weeks class yesterday before class, then submit my homework. So that took all day, and then I had lego, but since it was my birthday yesterday  I wasn’t on the computer a whole lot of time other than the times I had to be, so it all comes down to I had absolutely not time to work on this except between Skype calls and before I leave for Church in the morning.

  1. wes says:

    You can add the “home page” button by going to

    view> customize toolbar > drag icon into tool bar> click ok

    Safari will use your default mail client

    For mac this is located in system preferences
    For Windows this will be located in Control Panel (unless it has been incorporated into Safari preferences)

    Safari supports RRS feeds. To Add an RRS feed, navigate to the feed click “add bookmark” and then click either a location in either “bookmarks bar” or “Bookmarks menu”

    Note: you have to ensure RRS feeds are enabled in bookmarks. Go to

    Safari > preferences > RRS and make sure you check the relevant options in “Automatically Update articles in”

    Updates should appear in the bookmarks bar as “[bookmark title] (12)” where “(12)” indicates the number of new feeds.

    Thanks for your tips btw – hope you find this useful.

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