Joomla, finally.

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Ever since I wrote for a website, I think it was called Thech Junkie, but ever since then I’ve wanted to have a website on Joomla. Now the reason I haven’t gotten a website on Joomla before was because I had to have a server and a bunch of other stuff, which I didn’t have, and I figured that would be really hard to set up, but a couple days ago I went to and found a beginers guide for setting up Joomla, which you can find Here, It’s a .PDF file, about 49 pages long, but it walks you through setting up a totally functional website. I don’t have my Joomla website on the internet right now, but it shoule be coming up soon, and as soon as it does I will be switching from this website to my new Joomla website. But anyway, I’m working on a Joomla website and thought you should know.


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