Myspace, Facebook and yfly.

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Internet, Social Netowrking

I’m now sure if I’ve said this yet but awhile back a guy names Elwin asked me and one of my friends to do a comparison of MySpace, Facebook and yfly (i’m not allowed to say why), and he said that he would pay us (I’m not going to say how much) to do it. So we both made an excel doc comparing the three social networks, and as I look back I think it’s definitely something I need to incorporate into my site. So here’s the link:
Myspace, Facebook and yfly

  1. Andy says:

    Has been shut down or something?

  2. zachdude1094 says:

    yFly is probably shutting down, but I’m not sure, and part of the agreement for me to do the comparisons was to not say why I was doing them, so I can’t say why it might be shutting down.

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