Recent Happenings.

Posted: October 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve read posts titles Recent Happening before, but I’ve always liked to have my posts separated depending on what I’m going to talk about, but today I’m to lazy to make a bunch of posts so here’s my recent happenings post. This post wont be just about recent happenings, but also about stuff I’ve just now decided to finally write about.

I just downloaded GIMP a couple minutes ago, to try and change around my new logo for my site, curtesy of ParaPro. ParaPro will make you an image for your website, or for anything I guess, which is really cool. If you’ve noticed I’ve got a new logo, which ParaPro made for me. But anyway, so I downloaded GIMP to try and add the Mac and Linux logo, so maybe it would seem I was more cross platform, it didn’t work but I got a great experience of GIMP, which was great. Most people’s photo editing experiences probably stops at Windows Paint, which isn’t bad, I use Paint all the time, in fact, I went from GIMP to try to work on my image in Paint. Now the first time I tried GIMP I was overwhelmed with the features that were available for me to use, but after yesterday at my Web Design class, where we talked about having transparent images, which is when certain parts of an image is transparent, and lets the background color shine through, which, if you’re designing a website, is great. Now you could just have your background color the same as your images background color, but that sometimes doesn’t work, because some browsers will display the image background different from the pages background. So having an image have transparency in it’s background is ideal, and with GIMP is was very easy. I did a google search and came up with the following article: How to make a transparent background/selection on an image using GIMP. That article was short, and to the point, which I am not, but it did a great job of conveying the info that I needed to know about. So now you know how to have parts of your image or the images background transparent. Note, in GIMP these parts will appear with a checkered background, not with a transparent background in the editor. Now where to download GIMP. You can go to, then go to Downloads, or you can go to (my prefered way) and search GIMP, just download the lates version for your OS.

TechMonkey is a great podcast about Tech, with different subjects every time they come out with a new podcast.

iTunes, the fabled program from Apple that you’ve probably downloaded already, regradless of whether or not you own an iPod or any apple product. I’ve heard about this program before, but since I had Musicmatch Jukebox, Windows Media player and Spider player, which, weirdly enough, probably got used mre than Windows Media Player and Musicmatch Jukebox, I figured that I wouldn’t need another player. I did, however, download iTunes once, when one of my friend wanted to put some of my songs on his iPod, but then I uninstalled it because I didn’t really like it. I didn’t really ever use it again until my mom needed some Audible audio books burnt onto a CD. There are two different programs that will burn Audible audio books, iTunes and Nero, Nero was a trial, and the full version was like $18-$30, iTunes, as you may know, is free, so I went with iTunes. After I had burned a couple of discs I realized iTunes was pretty cool, so I downloaded it from, and started using it more and more. iTunes has a bunch of really cool features, My favorite are Radio and podcasts. Radio lets you listen to certain radio stations that are available through the Apple store, for free. Podcasts, once you find a podcast you want to download from, or subscribe to, you either download it or subscribe to it. Once you’re subscribed to the podcast iTunes will automatically download new podcasts from the sources you subscribed to.


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