Posted: November 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

Now most of you have probably never heard of Maxthon. Maxthon is a Browser, in fact, a very good browser, and what’s very stunning, according to This article from RRW (ReadWriteWeb) it was built off of IE technology! Here’s an interesting quote from ReadWriteWeb (you can also read the original article from where these quotes are coming from by clicking Here)

“We noted in a recent post that Maxthon reportedly has 30% of the browser market in its home country of China, second only to IE and ahead of Firefox.”
and further,
“China is the second-biggest Web market in the world, not far behind the US and projected to pass it in the not too distant future.”

That’s pretty good, not look at the previous sentence:

“What’s curious though is that Maxthon isn’t showing up in any of these browser share reports.”

Now why is that? as Richard MacManus (the guy who wrote the original article) said, “Perhaps they are not measuring international markets – but they should.” and I totally agree with that.
And that’s exactly why when I went to one of my favorite websites, Market Share by NetApplications, which shows market share for Browsers, operating systems and search engines, Maxthon didn’t come up, and that’s why I went in search of it’s market share.
And here’s another quote that interested me:

“Maxthon may struggle though to make a mark on the rest of the world. On the previous R/WW post about Maxthon, Jeremy Liew (an ex-GM of Netscape) left this comment:

“We found that in the minds of the public there is only room for two browsers: the default and one alternative. Maxathon is the default option in China. Firefox is the default in most of the rest of the world. I think it will be hard for Maxathon to make too much headway in the rest of the world – they may find themselves competing against Firefox more than they compete against IE.””

Now I think that is pretty true, although I do have IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and Maxthon on my computer I only use Firefox regularly, and most of those other browsers just take up Megabytes on my computer, which is kinda sad, because they all have awesome features that the other browsers don’t necessairily have. I don’t know if I necessairily agree with the part where he says Firefox is the default in most of the rest of the world, if you look at Firefox’s market share, it’s currently 53.something points behind Internet Explorers Market Share. Another thing that I’ve been thinking about, I’m starting to think that it would be extremely hard for ANY browser to make a whole lot of headway in this browser market, no matter how good it is, I mean, why do you think that 71% of the total browser community is still using IE? because they don’t want to change probably, why? I don’t have the slitenst idea, I know my mom for one went back to IE after Firefox started acting up on her computer (it wouldn’t let her open .PDF files without crashing) but most peopel have always used IE and probably always will, and that’s because that’s what was on their computer when they bought it and it’s become familiar, that’s exactly why. That’s also exactly why people are still using Netscape, even after they’ve stopped updating it, because it became familiar. Eventually these browsers will die off, Netscape and IE, but not soon enough, because everyone’s PC gets shipped with IE on it, or at least unless you’re running Linux, which, as far as I know, can’t run IE (good choice Linux).


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