Posted: November 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

In my previous post I think I mentioned me now having a new browser, Maxthon. I first heard of Maxthon after I bought a SmartComputing Magazine from my local Walmart, it was in an article called Head-To-Head Internet Browsers (don’t bother to go to their website and try to read the article, they cut it off about half way unless you have a subscription there). The article was good, it should definitely have been about twice as long, it’s comparing five browsers over three pages! thats it! Now what really gets me frustrated is when the editors don’t do their research, for instance, they make a big deal of the “Super” Drag&Drop feature in Maxthon, saying that it would be one of the features that would make me want to switch. Now before I go into a rant, they are talking about a feature that lets you highlight text then click and drag it into a search box. Now guess what Kris Glaser, FIREFOX AND CHROME HAVE THAT FEATURE TOO, SO STOP MAKING A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT! it’s not that great of a feature, oh, I forgot, I can’t type a keyword into a search bar, or highlight it and right click or Ctrl-C it and paste it into my search bar, but I do have to say, if it did some awesome something with the text I was dragging them maybe I wouldn’t be hammering you so much, but guess what? it does it’s “Super” Drag&Drop feature thing the same way Firefox and Chrome do. Okay, time to move onto someone else. Or at least until I decide that was a stupid comment again and go into another rant. Now some of the really nice features of Maxthon is it’s look, it looks really nice, and thanks to a built in Screen Capture program I’m going to take a picture of Maxthon so you can see it.

So here is the image I took using the built in screen capture service, which took a really nice looking screen capture, which is pretty surprising. Now if you’ve clicked the image and enlarged it so you can check it out, you might have noticed the it looks a little like IE, well if you’ve read my last post you would know that the Maxthon browser is actually based off of Internet Explorer, which is amazing to me, it has a good bookmark manager, which IE doesn’t and a whole host of other features that IE doesn’t have, including the screen capture program I used to take that picture. Another thing you probably noticed is the page that is open in the above image is max:last, which is, as you’ve hopefully noticed, it Maxthon’s address for last visited pages, which is a nice feature, not quite equivalent to Chrome’ version, which shows thumbnails of your most visited pages, but it’s still a great feature that other browsers should have (you’re probably saying “what do you think the history is for?” and for you people that think I’m stupid, I know exactly what the History does, and this is just a better way to show your history). Another feature that is potentially useful, Split View, which, as the name suggests, slits your browser into two “screens” and lets you open tabs on either side of the view. Heres an image of the Split View feature (thanks to Maxthon’s built in screen capture feature)

If you open this image and zoom in to it’s original size, then look around for a bit, you’ll notice that the two views are extremely small, so trying to read both webpages is not really worth it.
Like other browsers Maxthon offers plug-ins and skins readily available, but you’ll have a hard time with the plug-ins, unless you can read Chinese, that is unless you use the built in Translation feature in Maxthon. Here’s a picture of a Maxthon built in skin.

Other cool features include: Content Control, CPU Saving Mode, Translations, Magic Fill, Screen Capture-to name a few. So that’s my Maxthon review, for now.


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