The end of bookmarks.

Posted: November 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

As I put this title in I thought of how I used to call my bookmarks favorites, and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to call their favorites bookmarks. I learned to call my bookmarks favorites from internet explorer and became set in my ways, but now it’s not so. But to the title I gave this post. The end of bookmarks, wow, that’s a statement, but this is why I think that. I have over 500, maybe more than 1,000 bookmarks, and for me to go through all those bookmarks so find something is NOT plausible. I think I’ve said before, but really the only interaction with my 500+ bookmarks would be with the bookmarks on my toolbar, in the bookmarks toolbar folder. Now this might seem a little crazy, I’ve got 500+ pages that I’ve deemed good enough to bookmark, or favorite, so that I could come back to them at another time, but I only actual interact with the bookmarks on my toolbar? well that’s not fully true. I have a Firefox add-on called MultiRowBookmarksToolbar, which, as the name says, gives me multiple rows of bookmarks. Currently I’m at one and about 3/4 full of my second bookmarks bar. Now on these bars I have about 15 or so feeds, 9 normal bookmarks and two folders, and one of these folders contains over 100 bookmarks. So my toolbar is a little full. The reason I say in my title, the end of bookmarks, is because of Firefox’s awesome bar, which among other features, searches through my bookmarks and history to match a keyword, URL or page content to the text I’ve typed, as I type, so all I have to do is say, “I remember bookmarking a website that had a list of process and what they do, so I’m going to type “processes” into my awesome bar and see if it comes up.” So when it does I just eliminated the time taking process of going through a bunch of bookmarks to find it, and I didn’t have to have any interaction with my bookmarks. So this may be the end of bookmarks, if I can just type a sentence into my search bar and get a bunch of results of with the bookmark I need, then just click it, I don’t need my bookmarks for anything other than to keep the URL in file.


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