What I use my browsers for.

Posted: November 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today I came to a consensus, althought I’m not sure consensus is the correct word, that’s what I came to, or, that’s the conclusion me, myself and I come to. I use Mozilla Firefox for when I’m going to be doing something for a long time, but if I just need to check me email or make a blog post then I go to Chrome without a second thought. Now why is that? Well I think that’s because Chrome is way faster than Firefox, expecially at startup, and besides, it takes less than five seconds to load any page in Google Chrome, that number quickly grows with firefox. But I’m sticking with Firefox, Firefox has my add-ons.


Oh, one more thing. When I’m playing Roblox I don’t want to see ads for dish network when people are paying their valuable tickets, which sometimes they pay for to get, to post an ad that only leads people to more of the pages on the Roblox game, it’s a win win for Roblox, but they’re still showing me ads like that.


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