Mikogo Press Release

Posted: November 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Thanks to Andrew Donnelly for emailing me this Press Release yesterday, but unfortunately I didn’t check my email until this morning.

Mikogo Press Release

Mikogo Launches New Version for Free Online Meeting Software

With greater capabilities and ease of use in mind, Mikogo launches its new version with several new features backing up its cost-free solution to online meetings. Meeting scheduler, session recorder, whiteboard toolbar, and a conference call service are just a few of the new features offered in Mikogo version 2.0, providing a powerful screen sharing tool available for everyone at no cost.

Mannheim, GERMANY November 27, 2008 The desktop sharing tool, Mikogo (http://www.mikogo.com), announced the enhanced version of its free online meeting solution with the addition of several new features. Mikogo now offers new conferencing capabilities, such as meeting scheduler and a voice conferencing service, as well as an easier-to-use platform to deliver a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to collaborate over the Web.

While version 2.0 includes a tweaked interface to enhance usability, the major focus of this release is undoubtedly the addition of several new free Mikogo features. All current and future Mikogo users can now organize online meetings with the following new features:

Meeting scheduler


Conference call service

Session recording

Back monitor

Copy/Paste meeting info

Instant screen build-up

The new Mikogo features had already received some buzz in the blogosphere, with the announcement of an upcoming version on the product’s blog, where Mikogo users voiced their excitement for the new version. Renowned software bloggers have also already posted about what can be expected from the delivery of the new Mikogo version.

One feature in particular that is bound to gain heavy attention, is that of the free meeting scheduler. This new addition to the Mikogo feature list enables users to plan their online meetings ahead of time, and then email the details to the invited participants along with a reminder email for the organizer. Ideal for the small business owner to keep track of their online discussions with clients, colleagues and business contacts.

Since its initial launch, the free screen sharing has been a great success with over 65,000 users joining the Mikogo Community. The Mikogo Forum, and recently the new Mikogo Blog (http://www.mikogo-blog.com), have in fact contributed to some of the new version features.

“As the Mikogo Community continues to grow, we receive numerous emails, forum posts, and blog comments, providing suggestions and feedback on our software,” explains Mark Zondler, Co-Founder of Mikogo. “This has played a large role in which features we targeted to include, and consequently the new version is a reflection of user demand.”

Backing up the official and successful launch of its Skype Extra, while at the same time answering to the requests of the Mikogo Community, the new version is set to turn some heads with its free offering bringing a greater solution to the Web collaboration table.

Press Contact:

Andrew Donnelly

Email: andrew@mikogo.com

About Mikogo

Mikogo incorporates innovative screen sharing technology to provide an easy-to-use free online meeting solution, welcoming everyone to high-quality online collaboration. The popular software tool is now supplying its cost free solution to over 65,000 individuals, primarily private users, freelancers and small businesses. Launched in 2007, Mikogo is provided by the renowned provider of web collaboration solutions, BeamYourScreen (http://www.BeamYourScreen.com), whose product range consists of software solutions for online meetings, online presentations, and remote support. At present, more than 1400 corporate customers in over 40 countries worldwide are using the BeamYourScreen technology and benefiting from significantly reduced travel time and travel expenses.


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