Chrome and Firefox vs the acid tests.

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

I was reading an article from Extreme Tech called Which Web Browser is King? and I remembered I had the URL for the Acid 1 test, along with the Acid 2 test and the URL for the Acid 3 test, so I decided to check out Firefox and Chrome’s scores on all of the three acid tests and see what they got.

Acid 3

I was surprised to find that Chrome only scored a 79 out of 100 on the Acid three test, but even more surprised to see that Firefox only get a 71. Now unfortunately I have modified both Chrome and Firefox to suite my needs so the tests aren’t totally acurate, but still, I expected better from Firefox.

Acid 2

The first time I ran the Acid 2 test in Chrome it rendered perfect, but when I went back to double check my results, it displayed two lines, not the enlarged smiley emoticon looking image that is supposed to be rendered, and to my pleasure when Firefox rendered the Acid 2 test even after I ran it through a couple times it rendered perfect.

Acid 1

I ran the Acid 1 test twice through each browser and it rendered perfectly, which should be expected from browsers as “advanced” as Chrome and Firefox.

So there you go, my results with the Acid tests. If you want to try them out yourself here are the URL’s for the Acid tests.

Acid 1 | Acid 2 | Acid 3


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