What I really use my browsers for.

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Three days ago I wrote a post called what I use my browsers for, where I condemned Firefox to being slow and Chrome being blazing fast. That’s definitely not the case. If you’ve ever run a program for a fair amount of time, say Powerpoint, and you have that program be the only program open for a whole hour, then you quickly go to open that browser window you’ve had up since before you started, what happens? your browser take awhile to open, and while you wait for it to load it’s display again you think “wow this browser is slow”. Well that’s what happened to me, or at least I started realizing that it was happening to me in Chrome after I had published my post, what I use my browsers for. Now if you don’t know every Chrome tab opens in a new process, which makes it a little slow in opening a process, but it’s a good idea. The idea behind that strategy is to be able to open Chrome’s built in task manager, which monitors all the Chrome tabs as separate processes, and be able to see which tab is slowing your browser down, or has froze your Chrome window, then end the process and then be able to continue with your work or play. Now this is a pretty good idea, yes, but in making every Chrome tab a seperate process every tab acts as if it were a program. Lets think back to the example I gave earliere, if you focus on a specific program for a long time, then go to open another your computer will get confused and become slow for a little bit, so with all of Chromes processes acting like a seperate program, what do you think happens? if I focused on a specific tab for awhile, which I normally do, then when I went to open a new tab, say to read an article on Maximumpc.com, Chrome would be really slow, whereas Firefox doesn’t have that problem. So in saying that I would have to say that Chrome is not faster than Firefox, except maybe on startup, which is not where Firefox excels, but in overall browsing, I woud definitely say Firefox is the winner, at least for now that is. One thing that I think will be hard for any browser to beat Firefox at will be Firefox’s extensive add-on collection.


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