Posted: December 8, 2008 in Apple, New Tech

I was reading a Mac|Life magazine on my plane ride home from Minnesota. I was in Minnesota for my FLL (First Lego League) tournament, in which my team got first place and the teamwork award, and now we are going to the state tournament in January, the 25th of January to be exact. So in about six weeks I’m coming back to Minnesota, I can’t wait. Most people would rather go south for the winter, along with the birds, but not me, I really really like Minnesota. But anyway, to my articles subject. Like I said I was reading a Mac|Life magazine on my place ride back to Florida from Minnesota. Why was I, a PC user, reading a Mac magazine? well for one I don’t know if I’m going to continue supporting the whole Mac PC discussion, of course, I will be participating but when I say I’m not sure if I will continue supporting the discussion I mean I will give a more un-biased review anyway. I also want my next computer to be a Mac, and if it’s on the market by then, a triBook, so what do you say to that all of you die-hard PC users? I’ve been on a PC almost all of my life and I want a Mac, of course I’m going to keep and still use my PC but I would really like to get a Mac, especially if the Mac in question is the triBook. Now unfortunately the triBook is totally fictional, meaning not real, but I think it could become a very real threat to the PC, or for that matter, the Mac industry, depending on who comes out with a working triBook like computer first. So what is the triBook? the triBook is a laptop that I can’t believe nobody’s thought of before! the triBook is a revolutionary idea, and if Steve Jobs adopts this idea, well, I think the PC market share will fall, majorly. I mean, think about it. If you had a computer that could run the Mac operating system (OS) and your normal everyday XP or Vista, wouldn’t you use that computer? but what if the laptop in question was an inch thick, 6.78 inches deep (length from the front of your laptop to the back of your laptop) and 10 inches wide? Those specs mean a very small and not very productive screen, and normally not a very strong computer, but the triBook has some pretty awesome computer parts, this triBook would have an 8x SuperDrive, which means a really awesome hard drive, a whole array of I/O connectors and a MacBook Pro-Calliber CPU, all that plus a great keyboard and a 10 inch trackpad (normal trackpads are 1-3 inches, 3 if you’re lucky). So does this computer sound pretty cool? Now how about this, what if I told you the screen size of that computer was 21 diagonal inches? what then? how would you like a 21 diagonal inch laptop running whatever OS you want? Would you buy this computer? I would, I would without a second thought. So how does this computer get 21 inches of screen space? well the triBook would have a 10 inch main screen and two screens on it’s sides that would fold in when you wanted to close your laptop and fold open when you wanted to use your laptop. So how does that sound? an ultra portable computer that can fit in almost any bag you decide on, with a screen as big or bigger than your home TV.
Read the Mac|Life article Here.
See an image of the triBook Here.

  1. […] Mac|Life had, as an idea that could be revealed at MacWorld Expo. You can read the triBook article Here. The triBook was, like I said, a totally fictitious idea that the editors of Mac|Life had, of a Mac […]

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