Instantaction beta

Posted: December 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I saw an ad in the sidebar of my Yahoo! email for a website called Instantanction beta. Instant action is a website where you can play very high quality games, for free, and , to my surprise, once the games had loaded, when I played them, even on my three-year-old laptop, there was no lag and I moved as fast as everyone else. Check out this really cool screen shot that I downloaded from


Looks pretty cool huh? the graphics are awesome, especially for an internet game, and, like I said, there’s not lag what so ever. The only game I’ve played, and think I am going to play on is Fallen Empire Legions, the game from which the above screen shot came from. In Legions you are spawned into a armor suit by default as a specialist-chaingunner, but if you hit the Esc key, which pauses the game for you, the you can switch to a Sniper, a Gunner, a Specialist, sniper, chaingunner, rocketlauncher, grenadelauncher. You can also be an outrider or a Sentinel. An OutRider is in my opinion, one of the best, if you’re on the blue team, otherwise, if you’re on the red team, there’s no point. On the blue team as an Outrider you wear armor that isn’t as heavy as the two players in the above screen which enables you to move faster, and fly longer. If you are on the red team you look exactly the same as if you were a specialist-rocketlauncher, so there’s no point. Whether your a sniper or a gunner, a specialis-rocketlauncher or a specialist-sniper, you will get at least two guns, which you can switch between using the mouse wheel. If you are a sentinel though, then you get a machine gun (the defualt second weapon), a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher. So I say forget the other “specialists” if you want to go to another teams base and capture the flag, quickly, then be an outrider, if you need to defend your base from overwhelming odds, then be a sentinel, those are the basic powers of this game. Sure you can be a “specialist”-rocketlauncher and have a machiene gun as a second weapon, but if you can have all the same capabilities as a n outrider, and ba faster, be an outrider. I’ve been playing the game for no more than three hours in the last two days, but have already realized that this game is not easy, nothing like Robolox, where you walk everywhere. In this game if you’re not watching someone could drop fly up behind you (by holding the right mouse button and the spacebar at the same time, which makes you fly) and drop a grenade or two on your robotic head, not fun.

Check out these two below videos: The first is the Legions trailer, the next is a video of some really good tips.

My advice for you is to move fast, and keep your machine gun handy.


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