Chrome is out of beta!

Posted: December 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

This post will be about a couple different thing surrounding Chrome, but I figured the best way to get your attention was to use the “Chrome is out of beta!” phrase, although you’ve probably already heard about it. For me, I just now heard about it from a PC World news update, and when I started looking around the internet at what other people had to say I found that this wasn’t necessarily new news. But anyway, Chrome is finally not a beta version, we have a full Google product! why is that amazing? well Gmail has been a service since 2004, and it’s still a beta version, and Chrome has been out as a beta for around a year, or maybe not even that long. I can’t seem find the specific date when Chrome was first released to the public, nobody seems to care anymore, all the headlines say “Chrome is out of beta” or something similar. Anyway. I was reading an article from PC World titled IE Firefox or Chrome? where the author of the article talked about what he liked about Chrome and said that one of the reasons he kept coming back to Firefox, or maybe the only reason, was that he could get some things done a lot easier with the add-ons that were available if you were using Firefox. After reading this I thought to myself, why do you keep coming back to Firefox? Well here’s why I think I keep coming back. Whenever I go to another browser one of the first things that annoys me is that there is either no bookmarks toolbar, or it’s only one row, wheres right now my Firefox bookmarks toolbar, thanks to the Firefox add-on MultiRow Bookmarks, my bookmarks toolbar has three rows, on a 17 inch computer! that’s insane. So one of my problems with a browser like Chrome used to be the bookmarks manager, I couldn’t put my bookmarks in the toolbar. Now yesterday I found that Chrome does actually have a bookmark manager, which is nicely hidden and very similar in looks so Firefox’s bookmarks manager. Now how did I find it when I couldn’t before? In Chrome there is automatically a bookmark and a folder in the bookmarks toolbar, and I didn’t like them there so I wanted to delete them. I right-clicked on the bookmarks toolbar and found there was an option to open a bookmarks manager, so Chrome does have a bookmarks manager after all! that was something I was happy about. Another thing I found out is that there are actually Chrome plugins, themes and extensions. Probably a good site to download some plugins, themes or extensions is where I first found out that there were plugins etc for Chrome,

More soon.


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