Random thought.

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Uncategorized
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When you sit in front of your computer you can think of many things to write about, especially when you have nothing to do.
So here’s Random though #1. Microsoft Word should be able to do two things: compare two different documents, and to compare blocks of text. Now if someone was working on a document, and they sent some of their document over email, or over an IM chat (believe me, that’s where work is going to be done sometime soon, over IM as much as face to face), then someone sent you an edited version back. Now currently you have about three options. 1. Ask them to make all of their changes in red, green or some other color so that you know what they’ve changed. 2. Save your original version as a .doc file and do the same with the edited version your colaborante (the person you’re colaborating with) edited as a word document, then compare them, or 3. Read over the documents and see if you can find out what’s different. Now none of these solutions are great, especially the first, have the person change their text color every time they make a change, not many people are willing to do that, especially if it’s a big document. Now if you could open a little program and compare the text you input into two different fields, then that would assinate all of the problems you’ve been having. (I know you like how I said assinate the problems) Now you might be thinking “well why don’t you just download a program to do this for you?” Ha, I’m one step ahead of you, I did a Google search for programs that would compare two different blocks of text and then display the differences, and came up with nothing, or at least, nothing free.

Random thought #2.
Skype Beta has come out, but in my opinion Skype beta was released very very quietly. I wouldn’t have known about it unless a handy program I now have on my computer called FileHippo Update Checker, which tells me if there is any update of any kind to any software on my computer. This said it told me that there was a beta version of Skype released, so I downlaoded it. Now I think I ‘ve written about Skype Beta before, but not as much as I wanted to, and besides, now I’m using the next beta. So here’s what I like about Skype Beta. In Skype 3.8 (the current “stable” version os Skype) there would be buttons along the top, and when you made a call your and the person you were calling’s video would appear under the buttons. That’s different with the new Skype 4 Beta 3 that’s currently out right now. There’s a sidebar that has a list of your contacts, and a tab where you can view your conversations, but that’s it. The main window is where the calls take place, which allows for you to have more video space. Now this might be canceled out by the fact that the text window is now under the video, so it doens’t appear in a seperate windo anymore, which is good, it allows for faster chat, because it doesn’t have to open a new window. The interface is somewhat improved, for the reasons I listed before. That’s it, all for now.


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