Evernote replaces windows Print Scrn feature.

Posted: December 20, 2008 in Software, Windows

I’ve been using Evernote after hearing about it on a TechMonkey podcast. Now you might be thinking “ya a note taking program, who needs them?” and that’s exactly what I said when I frist heard about Evernote, but I changed my mind once I had been using it for awhile. I use Evernote when I have Lego practice, so that I can take notes on things I need to remember, and especially during my Web Design classes that I take through The Potters School (TPS as we students call it). So during my tutoring session my teacher was giving today I had my handy Evernote program open, and was taking notes. At the end of the tutoring session I wanted to get some screen shots of his screen (which I was viewing) so that I could more easily remember what he was talking about, but I didn’t think I had a lot of time, so I decided to just you the Print Scrn button to take a screen shot of my whole screen, and then edit out the parts I didn’t want it paint. Now before I go on for those of you that don’t know the Print Scrn button take a snaphot of everything currently displaying on your screen, and saves the image to the clipboard. Now when I hit the Print Scrn button I was surprised to see the Evernote Clipper pop up, ready for me to select where to take a snapshot from. Now this is pretty major, I went from using the Print Scrn button, which takes a snapshot of everything on both of my screens, then copies it to the clipboard, to being able to decide what gets clipper, and then having it saved to a file. Now that, it pretty sweet. Now unfortunately Evernote Clipper has to be open for this to work, otherwise when you hit the Print Scrn button you will get everyting that’s displaying on your screen(s) copied to your clipboard. Now here’s how to take care of this problem.
Method #1.
1.Once you have Evernote installed n your computer, open your start menu and click My Computer.
2. Double click the Local Disk (C: ) icon.
3. Open the Program Files Folder.
4. Browse to the Evernote folder and open it.
5. Now when I did that I was next confronted with yet another folder that was names Evernote3, so if you see the folder Evernote3 the open it, if not, start looking for a file called EvernoteTray Application icon then move on to step 6, but disregard the first sentence.
6. Now start looking for a file called EvernoteTray Application icon. Once you’ve found it right-click the icon move to the Create Shortcut option, and click it.
7.Click and drag the newly created shortcut over your Start Button until your start menu opens.
8. Drag the file over the All Programs menu, and wait for it to open.
9. Once the All Programs menu is open move to the folder called Startup. Once at the folder names Startup drag the file into the folder and drop it.
Now whenever you start your computer the Evernote Clipper program will load, and will replace your default Print Scrn function.
Pretty cool huh?

Quick Tip:

If you want a program to start at the startup, just create a shortcut to the program, then drag the shortcut into the Startup folder in your All Programs menu under the Start Menu. Now that program will start every time you start or reboot your computer.


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