Edit the Send To option.

Posted: December 21, 2008 in Uncategorized, Windows

Whenever you click on a file or folder you will see a bunch of options, one of which is the Send To option. If you mouse over this option you will get a list of places you can send this file or folder to, such as your Desktop. Have you ever wanted to add another option to that menu? or never use a particular option on that menu so you would like to get rid of it? well here’s how to change that menu.
1. First you need to show all of your files and folders. to do this open My Computer (any folder will work but we will need to be at My Computer later) and click Tools. Now click Folder options… Once the Folder Options window is open click the tab named View. Now scroll down to the section Hidden files and folders. Next make sure the radio button beside Show hidden files and folders is checked, then click Apply and OK.
2. Double click the Local Disk (C:) icon.
3. Open the Documents and Settings folder.
4. Open the folder with your username on it.
5.  Double click the folder names SendTo.
Now you will see shortcuts that will take you to places such as your My Documents folder. To add or take away options from the Send To Menu just take away or add a Shortcut to a application or folder.

In case you need to know, this is how to create a shortcut to a folder. Applications I wouldn’t mess with, if you try to send a file or folder to an application that doesn’t know how to handle that kind of task you could have problems.
So to create a shortcut to a file or folder just browse to the file in Windows Explorer, or if the file or folder is on your desktop then ignore this step. Once you’ve found the file/folder right-click it and the scroll down to the option Create Shortcut and click it. Now you will have a shortcut to that file/folder to put in the Send To menu, or maybe the startup folder in All Programs, or for anything else.


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