Addons replacing the bookmarks toolbar.

Posted: December 28, 2008 in Firefox, Internet

You’ve heard me talk and talk about how great the bookmarks toolbar is, and how I think it might be one of the best feature a browser can have, and that with the help of Multirowbookmarks I have 15+ feeds etc etc. Well that changed today. The main reason I use my bookmarks toolbar is for WordPress, so I can get to WordPress quickly, for my email, so I can get to my email quickly, for a folder or two, the odd bookmark, and for my feeds, mainly. Today I was at Fashion your Firefox, which has some categorys, such as Finder and seeker, Social butterfly, Executive Assistant, to name a few. Once I click on a category it opens and shows me four or five addons that would belong to that category, and if I check the checkbox beside the addon, I can install it. Through this site I found these addons:
ThumbStrips. ThumbStrips is an addon that show me my history at the bottom of my Firefox window as in a strip of film, to make it easier to go through and find something in my History.
Fast Dial
. Fast Dial is an addon that acts like Opera’s Speed Dial, which show thumbnails of pages I decide on, which will allow me to get to pages faster. I like Google’ Chrome version of this feature a little better. Chrome’s version of this tool shows the thumbnails of pages based on how often you visit them.
Wizz RSS News Reader. Wizz RSS News Read is an RSS reader that I will definitely use. Wizz takes my RSS feeds, and does nothing special to them, but keeps them out of my bookmarks bar, and easy to access.
Read It Later. Read It Later is an addon that keps me from having to bookmark all of the pages that I want to read later. With Read It Later I just click a checkmark in my address bar, and the page is saved to my Reading List. When I want to read the webpage later, I just click the Reading List button, which opens a menu, with the website(s) name, so that I can go back to it. Another cool feature of this addon is that it if when I click the Reading List button, I can click the Read Offline button, which saves a copy of the page(s) so that I don’t need an internet connection to read the pages. All I have to do is set Firefox to the Offline Mode, and then I can view the page(s). The only drawback to this is that it saves only the (X)HTML, and not the CSS or in some cases, the JaveScript, so the page doesn’t necessairily have any formatting, but that’s okay, because you can still read the pages.
I hope you like these Add-Ons!


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