Toshiba ThinkPad W700 MobileWorkstation DS

Posted: January 13, 2009 in New Tech, Trends, Windows

The Toshiba ThinkPad W700 MobileWorkstation DS is a new laptop featured in the January/Febuary Popular Science magazine. What makes the Toshiba ThinkPad W700 MobileWorkstation DS so special is this: it has an expandable screen. Remember my triBook post? probably not, but in that post I talked about a fictitious idea that the editors of Mac|Life had, as an idea that could be revealed at MacWorld Expo. You can read the triBook article Here. The triBook was, like I said, a totally fictitious idea that the editors of Mac|Life had, of a Mac laptop that would have two screens on the sides, that would fold out, to give you a grand total of 21″ of screen space. This idea is great, and the makers of the MobileWorkstation DS captured this idea, and I’m sure it will be used again and again, and since it’s come out once, I think we can look forward to seeing some more laptops coming out from different manufacturers with expandable or foldable screens. One flaw that I didn’t realize the triBook had until I read about the MW DS (MobileWordstation DS) is that the triBook idea would feature two screens folding out, which would mean that they would fold onto your main screen. Now how might this be a problem? suppose, for some reason, you only wanted a small 10″ screen, the base screens size on the triBook, well you couldn’t have it, now could you? because your secondary screens fold onto and off your main screen, they would have to be unfolded for you to use any of the screens. That’s where the MW DS has an advantage, the second screen on the MW DS is retractable, it slides out, so you could use only your main 17″ screen, or if you wanted, pop out your extra screen. Another neat feature that is becoming more common is the fingerprint reader, as a security option. Your MW DS would come with a built in fingerprint reader, that you can configure to only accept your finger print, so your the only one that can get into your computer. Pretty neat huh? Additional features include a ThinkLight, a light that shines on your keyboard at night to help you type, a full size keyboard and a 10 digit numeric keypad, which might not necessarily be useful, but it’s really cool. The MW DS also has a Blu-Ray drive. On the Customize and buy page you can also get a free Windows XP Pro CD. This Laptop starts at a reasonable price of around $3,300 or so. For a laptop like this, that’s definitely a good price.

  1. Someone says:

    The Toshiba ThinkPad W700? I don’t think you should write an review about a laptop that you don’t even know the manufacturer of…

  2. zachdude1094 says:

    Something that is very frustrating to me is when people make an uneducated assumption, like what you just did. You said that you didn’t think that I should be writing a review about a laptop that I don’t even know the manufacturer of. Well first, this isn’t a review, I would have a review of it if I had the laptop, but I don’t. This post is supposed to make you and the other readers aware of this great computer, and what it can do, and what it has to offer. And as for the comment that I don’t know the manufacturer, it’s in the name! it’s a TOSHIBA ThinkPad W700, someone would have to be an idiot to now know who made this laptop. And FYI, I went to their website to get all the specs, so I do know what I’m talking about.

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