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Posted: January 23, 2009 in Firefox, Internet

IE downloads files faster than Firefox.
For some reason whenever I handle large files, such as the Windows 7 Beta ISO, the Fedora ISO, and other large files, if I download them with Internet Explorer, they go much faster. I found this out when I went to download the Windows 7 Beta ISO, which for some “mysterious” reason, wouldn’t download if I was using Firefox, so I went to Internet Explorer, opened the download page and downloaded the ISO file in around 45 min. The Win 7 Beta ISO is about 3.2 GB, so this was a very large file. When I downloaded ISO’s such as Ubuntu, Knoppix, Kubuntu, which are around 800 or so MB, the download would take 4+ hours. It’s not my internet connection, because I downloaded the Win 7 Beta ISO and the Linux distros ISO on the same computer, on the same internet connection.

Firefox Profiles.
Another thing I have done recently is make different profiles in Firefox, one that has all of my bookmarks, addons, and customizations, and one that is just the bare minimum. I don’t really know why I did that, I just did. So how to do it?
1. Click Start then Run.
2. Type firefox -P and either hit enter or click OK. (If this doesn’t work for you, tell me, you could also copy and past this: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\)
3. Don’t delete the default profile. Click Create Profile…
4. Now name your profile, and click OK, and your done. Be sure to uncheck the checkbox saying Don’t ask at startup, otherwise Firefox will always load the default profile.

Attempting an install of Win 7 Beta.
Last night me and one of my friends were going to try to install Windows 7 Beta on his server computer. We partitioned the hard drive, using Easeus Partition Manager, which by the way, made it pretty easy, rebooted the computer, and found out that the computer couldn’t read DVD’s. Why is that a problem? the Win 7 Beta ISO is about 3.2 GB, which you already know, so it would’t fit on a CD, so I burnt it to a DVD using Power ISO. So it couldn’t read DVD’s, so my friend went and took the CD/DVD drive out of one of his laptops, and attempted to connect it to the desktop computer. It didn’t work, but it was a good try. Now that I’ve told you the facts, I want to tell you about and error we got. One of the things we were going to do is hook up a third hard drive to that computer, which was 40 GB, which we planned to install Win 7 Beta on, in addition to it’s original 40 GB hard drive and it’s 1 TB (1,000 GB) hard drive. The third hard drive didn’t mount for some reason, the computer didn’t recognize it. One error we had was the computer froze due to the overheation of the graphics card. So we took a large fan and put it beside the computer. The fan was about as big as the computer, so we didn’t have that problem again.

For a class through Potters School I had to download a program called Cygwin.
I needed to download a program called Cygwin, I’m not quite sure what it does. It took me 5 days to finish installing the program, because it kept failing and freezing. It turns out that it was the download mirror that was the problem, when I went from the first one on the list to some random ftp folder, and in a few hours it was finished.


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