Posted: February 3, 2009 in Apple, Software

iTunes is something I think everyone should have on their computer, whether or not you have an iPod. iTunes gives you access to movies, which you can buy and download to your computer, music, which is now DRM free, with iTunes prime, or super, I can’t remember. One of my favorite features of iTunes is the podcast directory. The iTunes podcast directory has a LOT of podcasts, ranging from podcast on the economy, to computers and technological podcasts such as one of my favorites, TechMonkey, and a new podcast, that is becoming one of my favorites, Hacking 101. I can’t find the link to Hacking 101, or else I would post it. Podcasts are great, especially if you have an MP3 player, and even if you don’t, just download them and burn them to a disc, which, by the way, iTunes makes easy.. You can listen to the news, to talk shows, to humorous espiodes by random people, instead of reading a thing. iTunes lets me manage my music in a nice, and fairly easy way, and it wasn’t that hard to learn. I can easily burn discs, full of my favorite songs, audiobooks, and podcasts, and take them anywhere. And to get an audiobook? sure, iTunes can handle that too. Just got to the iTunes store, and click on audiobooks. You will have to pay, so no free books for you.
The thing is, iTunes isn’t confusing, like other media players, it’s widely supported, and it has a lot of options. You don’t have to go to a separate place to buy your music, just open a link, and pick what music you want to download to your library. iTunes is a great program, so go download it, NOW!


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