When you go too far…

Posted: February 10, 2009 in Firefox, Internet, Social Netowrking, Trends

Want FaceBook on your TV? Your Not Alone” By Carrie-Ann Skinner.
You know what? I think this is a great idea! because those of you who do Facebook, excessively, aren’t spending enough time on it! let’s make our TV’s another way to access it! That’s genius! another way for us to read the endless and boring posts from our excessive ammount of  “friends”, most of which we don’t even know!
Now for those of you who can’t pick up sarcasm just by reading it, that was all sarcasm. Why do we need another way to connect to a social network that will probably never benefit us in the least? maybe I’m thinking of Twitter, and correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Facebook a place to post a short, 200 charectar or less posts from or to your “friends”, so that they can read something they don’t care about? Seriously, why, if you do at all, use Facebook, or other social networks? it doesn’t help you communicate better, and in my expierence, it doesn’t improve on anything at all. I don’t see the merit in social networks, they’re a waste of time. This is going too far. Please post your thoughts, I would love to hear why or why you don’t use social networks.


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